My lip injection experience

Hey guys , I’m back !

I havent been doing my blog much this summer but don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about it and I am coming back with a bunch of new tricks and things I tried , to tell you about !

I wanted to start off with something that is the big trend of the moment ( Thank you Kylie Jenner 😉 ) : LIP INJECTIONS .

So of course , I heard about them when everybody was talking about Kylie’s lips and how awful it was to do it at such a young age , so I decided to do my own research and the truth it isn’t that “horrible” . It doesn’t stay forever , so the good thing is you can try it out and if you don’t like it just wait 6 months for it to go away and  most importantly they are way safer than silicon and all that crap!

I personally did it in 3 times , the first time I did a full dose in my upper lip ( don’t worry if it swells for 2 days ) and I liked it a lot so I went back and did one in my lower lip . After a few months I did one dose in half the upper and half the lower lip . The reason I did that is because I didn’t want to do it all in once and not like it but also because apparently if you do it every few months the lip enlarged itself and you will end up not needing hyaluronic acid injections ( good news ! ) . I am going to give you some tips though , and don’t forget to do your own research to make sure it suits you too !

The few things you need to think about :

  1. Make sure you go to a good doctor and ask them to see pictures of what they have done before .
  2. Tell them about any allergy you have .
  3. Don’t go too big the first time ! Trust me , you’re going to do this little by little you don’t want it to be chocking , plus , it hurts !


I hope you guys enjoyed the article , and don’t forget to let me know about your own experience !

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Love  ♥


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