What jewelry to wear this summer ?

Hey guys,

I’ve been looking around the internet to find some cute and different jewelry for this summer, and I finally found an awesome brand on Instagram so I had to share it on here !  This brand is called LauraJdesigns and I talked a little with the designer to know a bit more about the company and share it with you guys. During our conversation I learned that she started her company in 2002 after doing some apprenticing with a goldsmith at Boulder Co… She has now carried her brand in 100 stores nationwide and is still doing all the jewelry handmade in her studio in Philadelphia! Something I thought was awesome is that they donate 10% of their retail sales to a charity called Saving Innocence which helps girls who have been trafficked. So let me give you a little preview of their jewelry and of course an outfit idea to wear it with.

The rings :


I am just IN LOVE with their rings , they are my absolute favorite so if you are like me and want to buy one or more of them, here are the prices and links to it :

  1. You can find the Textured Stacking rings on here for 65$.
  2. The baby druzy rings , they are 54$ each and you can buy them on their website .
  3. This beautiful pinkberry ring is only 60$ on LauraJdesigns .
  4. The Ocean bliss ring is 85$ , hurry up and go get it on here , it’s the perfect ring for a bohemian white summer look.

A few of their bracelets :


Their bracelets are so adorable and all handmade , so if you want to get some here there are :

  1. The amazonite fiesta bracelet is 80$ on here !
  2. This beautiful black widow bracelet is around 97$ on their website
  3. Those garden bracelets made of gems and 14k gold are 110$ on here .
  4. The hammered bangled bracelets are all sterling silver , the set of 3 is 128$ on LauraJdesigns .

The necklaces :


So, the necklaces… I just think they are flawless ! I love their color and their ” hippie ” style , perfect for this summer :

  1. Their two circles necklace is only 95$ on their website
  2. The pretty in pink necklace is perfect with an all white outfit , you can buy it on here for 122$.
  3. This really simple and classy Interlock circle necklace is 116$ on LauraJdesigns .
  4. The black spinel wrap necklace is 85$ and you can find it on here .



A little preview of their earrings :


I usually never really wear any other earrings then my classic pearl ones , but even I just got a pair of their earrings ( the first ones ) so if you want to get some too here are the prices and links to them ( don’t forget if those ones aren’t of your taste there is a lot more on their websites :

  1. You can find the Juliet earrings on here for 68$ .
  2. Those BEAUTIFUL snowflake ones are only 80$ on their website , they would go perfectly with a cute maxi dress and your hair in a high bun.
  3. The black druzy earrings are a little more expensive ( 160$) but I think it is SO worth it , you can get them on here .
  4. And finally , the smoky river earrings (55$) on LauraJdesigns .



I hope you guys liked some of their jewelry i picked out to show you ! Now , here is my all black outfit I already planned to wear with the ring I just ordered on LauraJdesigns :

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 6.56.25 AM

So for this outfit I decided I will wear my favorite crop top from Zara (39$) with my cute Topshop high-waisted jeans (75$) , Boohoo also have some cute ones for 27$ on here . I got this mini handbag on Lulus for only 30$ and you can wear it with pretty much anything so it’s a steal. Now , those Steve madden shoes are 51$ and I got them on Heels , but if you want to look thinner ( I think high waist pants can make me look bigger )  I would either wear some sneakers with a platform , No name have some really good ones ( I have like 4 pairs , they’re the best ) , or some heels but really thin ones and that do not tie around the ankles ( it makes the legs look bigger ). And finally the ring I got on LauraJdesigns for 31$ !

You can follow her on Instagram , and don’t forget to follow me too 😉

I hope my post inspired you guys , please comment your feedbacks and don’t hesitate to share it !

Love â™Ĩ


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  1. The jewellery is soo adorable…Especially the rings and the pink necklace!!😊

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    1. The pink ones are really cute! I love the coral / pink color 🙂

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  2. i love this post! will definitely have to check out that brand x

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    1. Thank you! 😊

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