My new jewelry finding

Bonjour guys,

I randomly just found some amazing cute bracelet that can accessorize perfectly your favorite summer outfit. I am just about to order some myself , and I’ve already thought of some outfits to wear them with. You can follow them on instagram at myjZar .

Here are some on there products :


Some of their bracelet are a little spendy , but it is understandable since there are all handmade and you can have them customize.

  1. The first beaded ones , are on here for 89$.
  2. The second ones are called Jan , they are 119$ on Jzar .
  3. This one is Love , it is 129$ on here.
  4. The last one is leather and cost 159$ , you can find it on their website .


So , here are the rings! Now, they are beautiful but definitely realy pricey.

  1. The first one is selling for about 5,000$ , on here.
  2. The second one ( in the big picture ) is definetly my favorite , just love love love this ring. It cost about 2,000$ and you can buy it on
  3. This wire ring is so cute also! Get it on here for 169$.


Those clutches are realy leather and handmade , and they look sooo good !

  1. The black on is 599$ on here .
  2. The Python one is about 3,000$ on


Here is one of my outfit idea to wear with their jewelry :


Find this dress from Tibi on here for 950$ , if you’re looking to get a off-shoulder dress like this, but cheaper you can check Lulu’s , asos or Free people , they have some killer ones. You can buy the sunglasses on here for abour 100$ or a bit less; As of this clutch from Loeffler Randall ( they have some cute shoes ) , you can find on Shopbop for 236$. Top this look with some of my favorite shoes from marbe ( 130$) , and of course this beautiful ring , 169$, from Jzar on here.

Hope you guys , enjoyed my findings! Don’t forget to follow my blog and leave your feedbacks.

Love ♥


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    1. Thank you so much😘😘

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      1. No thank you love I’ll hope we keep in touch

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      2. For sure!! Love your blog 😘

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      3. Thank you and likewise ❤

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