Kylie Cosmetics review

Hey guys,

I am writing to you today to tell you about my experience with Kylie’s lipkits, and it is simply AMAZING.

I have seen so many people dissing on their products , saying that they do not last , they don’t look anything like in the pictures , … It is simply not true. I wear them pretty much everyday ( that’s why you always see them in my outfits ) and i have never had a problem with them , and neither did any of my friends. I use them to make my lips look a little bigger and they are the ONLY ones that look natural when i use them to do that ( I will make a post to explain to you guys how to do this ). So , honestly if you were wondering if you should buy some, my advice to you is DO IT !

You can find them on here , they are not always available , so to have updates on their restocks follow her on twitter.

Hope my article helped you , share it so your friends can see it too 🙂

Have a good day guys ,

Love ♥


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