5 ways to loose weight and get a big butt :

Here is a list of tips I personally did to get my summer body ready without any weight loss pills :

  1. First of all, eat at regular hours. 3 times a day , and do not skip breakfast.
  2.  The best diet I’ve ever done is :

    – Eat whatever you want for breakfast, your body will burn it all day.

    – Eat salads for lunch , Rice salad ( Corn, tomatoes , cooked egg , vinegar , olive oil), Pasta salad ( Vinegar , Oil , tomatoes, piece of ham) or a simple lettuce salad.

    – Eat meat (chicken , beef , pork , …) or fish , with vegetables for dinner.


  3. Do this list of exercises everyday ( It only takes 4 min) : 13318415_1035460609872470_1638272215_n
  4. Drink lots of water, especially with cucumber and lemon , it helps burn fat.13295099_1035460606539137_1203462799_n
  5. And finally , Walk a lot! Try to take your cars as little as you can. Walking will tone your legs and abs.

Hope you guys will try it, and if you       like the results send me pictures of before and after , I might post them! 

Love 💋 


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